NYT: Fresh Idea From Recycle Bin

Nov 04, 2009

THE green movement in fashion, in which designers do go on about hugging the planet with their biodynamic cotton henleys, would appear to be at odds with the “pop up” shop movement in fashion, in which the very same designers open temporary stores, lavishly redecorate them and then, when they close a few weeks later, toss all the fixtures, lights and displays to the curb.

This is what Jean-Pierre Veillet, a project designer from Portland, Ore., pointed out as he rooted through a pile of cardboard and plastic detritus Tuesday morning in just such a shop in SoHo, which is opening for a six-week run at 69 Mercer Street on Nov. 12. The store, called Here/Nau/NYC, will carry products from several environmentally minded companies, including shoes from Timberland and Toms, organic dresses and sweaters from Stewart + Brown, bags made of recycled truck tarps from Freitag and the sleek, athletic designs of Nau.

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