Untitled: Always a Part of the PNCA Community

At PNCA, we believe that creativity is more than an idea—it’s a type of unthinking that turns students into artists, cities into communities, and problems into solutions.

Creativity transforms the lives of students, alumni, faculty, and staff even as their works prove transformative for individuals, communities, and the greater world. This can happen in a quiet moment standing before a massive drawing, in a dynamic brainstorming session, in the solitude of the artist’s studio, or in the vibrant back-and-forth of collaborative work. At PNCA, we recognize that our greatest resources are the relationships between students and professors, with mentors, with fellow artists, and with the larger Portland arts community. In the video below, you’ll hear five of our alumni testify to the impact that the relationships they formed at PNCA have had on their careers and art practices.

In the words of Eric Trine, MFA AC+D ’13, “It doesn’t stop at graduation. You’re always a part of the PNCA community, and that’s something you can keep coming back to.”

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