About Us

Siteworks is a creatively led company that harnesses the Design-Build process to help clients realize their vision, express their truth, and access their purpose through built environments. Siteworks believes that Design-Build equals continuity across all aspects of the branding, design, and construction process, making tangible the connection between ingenuity and possibility, and creating authentic human experiences through visual and architectural invention. Whereas most design firms specialize, leading the client to need to work with multiple designers, project architects, and contractors across multiple firms, Siteworks offers personal access to all facets of the branding, visualizing, designing, and final build-out process. We see ourselves as idea-makers capable of handling a project from the very first spark of creativity to the very last nail, encouraging our clients to maximize their creative potential and best communicate their brand identity.

Our 25 years of experience have shown continued success with projects that are spatially informed, socially conscious, and aesthetically thoughtful, ranging in scale from individual pop-up projects to urban infill environments. Our project teams are structured to include seasoned principals, resourceful consultants, and innovative designers, all of whom work together to mine the multiple possibilities that spring from the new economy of real estate development.

Together, we have worked across sites in and around the Pacific Northwest and have successfully exported the Siteworks vision of place making and creative solution building to New York, California, Washington, Oregon, and more.

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