Keetsa NY/LA/SF/Berkeley


Making an eco-friendly mattress store stand out in the retail epicenter of the world meant transforming the perception of the product. For the New York City SoHo location of Keetsa Mattress, that meant expressing the company’s sustainable ethos and purpose through a material narrative that aligned and elevated the brand. First, Siteworks reused many of the materials it had already created for the previous tenant: the celebrated “Here and Nau” pop-up store, which was made entirely from repurposed and recycled materials. Next, Siteworks lead designer Jean-Pierre Veillet called upon his roots as a sculptor to create a window display that interacts with the viewer and visually states the intentions of the brand. “The Nest” does just that, expressing on a human-scale a sleeping space made out of tactile and earthy materials. One part showroom, one part pedestrian-interactive installation, Keetsa’s New York location has been a resounding success. For the brand, it paved the way for tenancy in other coveted retail locations not normally options for mattress stores, including the Design District in San Francisco and on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach, CA, and Berkeley, CA.

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