Restaurant concept

To make a major brand statement, popular street food outlet Koi Fusion teamed with Siteworks to envision a tangible form. The Koi-Ship transforms an underutilized corner on West Burnside into a Portland place and exhibition space for the city’s heart and spirit. The Koi-Ship is visually striking, complete with a billboard light sculpture that solves a long-standing rift between city of Portland and advertisers in an extraordinary way. This Times Square approach not only creates revenue, it affords an artistic solution to the urban billboard debate. The second-story bar with a giant window on to Burnside creates and exhibition space for exhibitionists, the light structure also becomes a bike-in movie theater/urban amphitheater for sporting events and films, and the restaurant will be the brand beacon location for Koi Fusion.

typology Restaurant Concept
location West Burnside. Portland, Oregon