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Energize the North Park Blocks

Collaborating with Portland designer Larry Nutt Siteworks spearheaded the redevelopment, restoration, and seismic upgrade of this historic building to re-energize Portland’s North Park Blocks. Flexibly designed for a neighborhood that’s changing fast, the Lemon Hotel provides office space for creative tenants as well as space primed for future retail and restaurant use. Windows and patios frame city views, oculus "sky lights / sky snorkels" maximize day lighting, and the addition of a second story drew material inspiration from the existing building but pushed the overall structure into a more modern context. Every item—from fixtures to the furniture—were designed and built by Siteworks’ industrial design team. What’s more, customized plaster and interior finishes, high-tech audio-visual installation, and skylights and solar array add to the transformation of this underutilized 10,000-square-foot structure into an updated 14,000-square-foot example of branding, architecture, and experience. The Lemon Hotel is one of several new projects breathing life into the re-emerging North Park Blocks.

ACME provides exceptional leadership to its clients, helping companies to assess their business challenges and opportunities, offering leadership in the implementation of important company initiatives. So when ACME needed its own headquarters, it commissioned Siteworks to create a home base for a team of consultants normally embedded in the cultures of its clients. The goal was to create an office environment that forges a strong cohesive identity. ACME team members benefit from large meeting spaces and cocktail areas as well as the state-of-the-art amenities like HD teleconferencing that maximize client connectivity while cutting down on unnecessary travel.


Periscopic is a socially-conscious data visualization firm that helps companies and organizations promote information transparency and public awareness.

TALENT DIRECT INC.  Casting agency.


For a high-end personal office for a Portland business executive, Siteworks engaged top artisan partners from around the country in a display of craftsmanship and an expression of modern aesthetics and timeless materials. Every detail is personal and curated, from the kitchen backsplash that invokes the imagery of salmon roe (reflecting the client’s passion for fly-fishing) to the massive ocular skylights, which appear as “snorkels” through which sky illuminates custom Meiswinkel plaster from San Francisco, Madrone hardwood, and other desirable sustainable materials. State-of-the-art electronics and a deeply personalized design create a happily-ever-after workspace, an absolute rarity. Siteworks collaborated in design and construction with Portland designer Larry Nutt on the project.

LOCATIon 249 NW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97209
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