Shogren Village


A Village of Makers Dedicated to the Shogren Sisters Legacy

THE SHOGREN SISTERS 100 years ago, May & Ann Shogren were among Portland's most celebrated citizens.  In an era when women were barred from most professions, the sisters brought high fasion to the Northwest.  May and Ann started out with nothing but talent, ambition and strength of character, forging their acumen on true human strength over cultural norms.  The Shogren sisters invested in a real estate and were known to be generous to family, employees and their community.  Devout Baptists, their donations helped to construct their church.  They loved to socialize by hosting parties, musical evenings and dinners.  They formed close relationships with their staff and invested in their integrity.  The Shogren sisters' ethos is honored in this proposed modern interpretation and living museum.  


typology Apartments
location Portland, OR


Jean-Pierre Veillet Lead Designer
Charles Brucker PLA, ASLA Landscape Architect
Tim Richard, AIA, LEED AP Architect